GovSearch API™

Our data. Your way.

An API is software code that allows one program to access data from another.

GovSearch API™ is a government contact data-delivery service that allows subscribers to connect server-to-server via HTTP and quickly develop a functional application or integrate into an existing web site or CRM application. An API is software code that allows one program to access data from another.
Subscribers to GovSearch API will have access to contact information for people and positions in more than 40,000 government agencies. People, positions, offices and office hierarchy information will be available in JSON format.
Carroll Publishing also provides comprehensive Federal, Department of Defense and top Federal Vendors organization charts in PDF format. Linkage to PDF charts will be included. Carroll's office and position contact data will provide access to more than 260,000 government decision-makers.

How GovSearch API™ might be used

  • Power a web site with government contact data
  • Power a mobile app with government contact data
  • Incorporate data into an internal CRM system

6 available options for contact data:

  • Federal (civilian)
  • Defense (federal military)
  • Federal vendors
  • State
  • Municipal
  • County

12 API endpoints include 128 data elements. Key position and office contact fields include:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Mailing and physical address with room/suite/building number for both positions and offices
  • Office telephone number
  • Position telephone number
  • Fax number
  • Email address
  • Office URL
  • Office name
  • Office hierarchy/reporting structure

A variety of additional data beyond contact information includes:

  • Position acting, vacant, nominee, elect, incumbent indicators
  • Congressional Districts
  • MSAs and CBSAs (the newest version of MSAs)
  • FIPS code for office address
  • Geo-location information (lat/long)
  • State Senate & House member district designation
  • Corporate decision maker managerial level indicator(Upper, Higher, Middle, Lower)
  • Party affiliation

The data includes contact data for top decision makers in the Federal (civilian), Defense (federal military), State, Municipal, County levels of US government as well as top Federal vendors.

Updated daily contact information for leaders of the U.S. government is source-verified, giving you the most accurate contact information available. Our database also includes Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa and the US Virgin Islands governments.
Federal (civilian + military), State, Municipal and County
  • - 270,000 Positions
  • - 260,000 Decision Makers
Federal Vendors
  • - 1,300 Offices
  • - 6,500 Positions

If you are interested in knowing more about GovSearch API™, please call (703) 340-8329 or send us an email